Incidental Poetry 




One could turn many objects into the form of jewellery as long as he or she sees the purpose or values the underlying meaning of doing so. On the opposite, does jewllery possess the ability to influence or even entirely replace the being of ordinary objects in a traditional manner?


The integration of irrelevant objects fascinates me greatly with the sense of surrealism that is created by the process of clashing and combining. Such event occurs accidentally all the time in our day to day lives, objects being turned into another form of existence which also serves an entirely different purpose. When an object loses its natural function, but presents itself with a fresh one , it is like the object has been granted with another layer of identity and complexity. I always tend to capture those transforming moments, it occurs to me that is it possible to apply jewellery as a form of medium to purposely create such moments, to influence a functional daily object while being visually and aesthetically appealing. My focus is set on the natural way of interaction between the users and familiarized objects. Spotting the minor difference within the common biological and physical reflexes of how human interacts with objects. Such as the way of holding a cup,the height of holding the fork etc.


A sudden realization occurs to me that whether the wearability of jewellery is produced within the moments of our subconscious movements. Like Auto rings, the reaction of people being visualized and then substantialize. A fresh identity has been given to the objective as it seem to lose its original function.  


Photo: Shu Yu

Creative: Wakanda

Auto Ring